I am a married woman in her 30s... how awful does that sound - ok, how about... I am a sarcastic 32 year old married woman with a bun in the oven. I have a fantastic dog who has an evil pet cat. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and have been doing major renovations since then.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Sweet Jesus what have we done?

7 weeks + 1 day pregnant

So I was on the bus going home from work and I was reading. After a good few stops two girls got on with 2 kids. One was a baby in a stroller - sleeping, nearly falling out of the stroller. The other was a little boy about maybe 2? 3? I have no idea. The two girls were chatting - tough to say who was the mother - or perhaps one child for each girl (I say girl, because they were no more than 20). The little boy started making this annoying noise while wrenching the baby's shoe around. One of the girls told him to stop - he ignored her. The noises (I liken it to nails on a chalkboard) continued - he was enjoying himself... and the girls kept chatting - oblivious to the way that noise was making my skin crawl. Eventually I could stand it no longer and got up and moved to the back of the bus - where there were NO SEATS, and I stood, reading my book trying hard to ignore the quieter "wreeeeek, wreeeeeek, wreeeeek" noise that damn kid was making. This does not bode well.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Time to come clean

OK, so I've got a secret... I've been putting off telling anyone (well a couple of people know)... but I'm pregnant. Yup, got an alien growing inside me. 7 weeks today. I had an ultrasound to make sure all was ok and I saw the heartbeat! That made it a bit more real. Oh, you know what else makes it more real? The fact that if I focused on it at all I could heave at pretty much any point in the day. mmmm... vomit...

So, tomorrow I'll likely tell my folks. I think they'll be pretty chuffed, as this will be their first grandchild, but we'll see how they take it. My mum is a bit worst-case-scenario-woman so I'm preparing for her warning of "it's pretty early yet, you still could miscarry"... she means well and just doesn't want me to be disappointed so she always points out stuff that could go wrong. I'll prepare myself for her comments, just in case. Maybe she'll just be excited and happy for us.

By telling my parents, I open the door to having to tell my sister too. Tough to say how that'll go. J has changed his mind about waiting 3 months and is going to tell his folks soon too (if you can tell your parents then I'm telling mine)... whatever. I think they'll all be excited, so let's bring it on. Now I can be "sick" and bail on any future dinner with J's sister-in-law with pretty much impunity (i'm hoping)...

I'm also pleased to announce that there is only one small embryo in there - didn't want to deal with twins or anything crazy. Two other friends know about this "secret" - but that's because I'm not very good at keeping my big mouth shut. So after I tell my folks, I'll at least have them to talk to about it and hopefully can keep quiet about it to everyone else until about 3 months.

There you go. I've been avoiding posting as I was a bit worried earlier on - pain - then the ultrasound to ensure all was well - but now the cat is out of the bag so to speak. I will have to start another blog for the family - one that will be heavily censored and puts me in a good light. Little sarcasm and all smiles - it will be exhausting. Thankfully, I've decided to keep this blog too, so I can bitch and moan about real stuff.
Stay tuned.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Snow glorious snow

Ah the snow...

Love the snow, but Vancouver rarely gets it and when it does it's always a nightmare. People here have no idea how to drive in the snow so everyone is going way too fast and the accidents are plentiful and often. As my mechanic told me in November that my tires are bald and i shouldn't be driving in the rain, I thought that we should bus to work to avoid being part of the accident central out there. So all went well on my way to work yesterday but on the way home.... it was just like in the movies or in a commercial… I was standing at the bus stop and a huge cube van went by. I was nearly pasted up against the back of the bus shelter… the brown slush was literally dripping off my face – and I had a huge slush ball in the middle of the open paperback (borrowed) that I was reading. It would have been comical had anyone else been there to share it with… but nope, I just felt like a giant loser. Dripping wet, very blotchy brown wet jeans, lookin goooood. What a nightmare. I must have looked especially sexy as the busdriver that came right after the huge truck (why not one minute earlier?) said “ohhhhhh, you got splashed”…. D’ya think? I sort of chuckled though, because I must have looked pretty hilarious.

Ahhh relatives...

ok so Christmas went well. I went to spend it with the folks, much to many people's chagrin as J was staying here to hang with his parents and family who were coming out from his home province. People seem to think that since we are married we HAVE to spend Christmas together. It's weird what people think, and also that they think they have any right to tell you what you SHOULD do for your holiday. Weird.

I got to see J's folks for 3 days before I left (they stayed with us) and then I saw him and his whole family when I got back. We had to go to his brother's cottage and stay there over night on new year's day and we came back on the 2nd. Less than 24 hours there and J's sister in law nearly pushed me over the edge (as per the usual). I may or may not have ranted on before about how much I don't love her, but here goes a little more... Let's call her EW (Evil Whoor).
While we were there EW must have brought up the are-you-pregnant topic about 8 times and we were only there for less than a 24 hour period (and much of that was sleeping time). J's mum said "(EW) do you remember how much you appreciated it that we didn't harp on you about that? Well, leave her alone"... and then again (5 minutes later after another EW comment)... "Leave her alone"... I managed to not blow my top and scream at that stupid beeyatch and ignored her while J's mum fended her off. It was pretty good - as far as the visits with EW go... The best part is that we don't have to see them now for months ... MONTHS I tell you. The summer maybe, or at worst Easter if J's sister comes back out.