I am a married woman in her 30s... how awful does that sound - ok, how about... I am a sarcastic 32 year old married woman with a bun in the oven. I have a fantastic dog who has an evil pet cat. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and have been doing major renovations since then.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Babies - musings....

10 weeks + 6 days

Have I mentioned that I don't really like babies...or children that much. Hmm, I wonder if this will be a problem in 6 and a bit months when a human being comes out of my body? I assume that when it comes out, it will, in fact, BE a baby. I sure hope I get over that dislike for babies in a hurry. I hear it's "different when it's your own"... Ya, well, it had better be, or we are all in trouble. I understand that this is incredibly un-PC to say all this as it's not usually a good idea to tell people that you are having a baby that you planned and that you don't really like babies. Seems a bit backward really. I'm not very sure why we are having a baby, but it was just time to do so, and I do love the baby clothes and they are sorta cute - and it might be nice to have someone to look after us in old age... are those not reasons enough? All this musing might possibly stem from the fact that I saw "a baby story" on tv this morning before work and actually teared up while watching the woman give birth. Ok, so I also laughed AT the woman while cringing and watching her tell her husband in the middle of painful contractions/pushing efforts, to "GET IT OUT!". Why, why again, are we doing this?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

soon, soon my pretties

So next week is the official week 12 in the pregnancy. For those of you NOT addicted to stupid, horrifying websites on childbirth and prenatal development, I'll tell you - after week 12 the chance of miscarriage is much lower - you now have an intact (albeit very small) human in there. From then on it just gets bigger... So we can officially tell people that we are expecting a new human in our house as of September 15th or thereabouts. I used to play basketball 3 times a week - two of those times were in the morning before work. I played with all guys - very nice ones who let me play, and actually played defence on me and tried hard. I enjoyed it immensely, but during month 2 of the pregnancy I got elbowed in the hip - a hard elbow - an accident - but I worried that next time it would be a shot to the belly. Then in my sunday night league I got knocked down - which never happens. But it did, so I came to the realization that I should probably quit playing as it was getting a bit dangerous for the fetus...and increased my chance of miscarriage - all that knocking about. So sadly I quit my 2 leagues. I no longer loved my sunday league anyway so I just said I had other things to do and couldn't play this season, but I've been putting off the guys in my other league. So far I've had to "work a lot of early mornings and thus couldn't make it to today's game" and now finally, it's happened. One of the guys emailed me and asked if I was pregnant or something and that's why I don't come anymore. Amazingly astute - especially from a basketball guy... so of course I emailed back... and lied. Again with the working early business. In a week and a half I'll email and tell him the truth - but until then I can't somehow jinx it. It's my birthday next Saturday and we'll be officially in the 13th week then so I think we'll tell our friends next weekend. Then I'll tell my boss on monday and it'll be all out in the open. It's been hard keeping this a secret - especially since I have not felt fantastic for the past few weeks. Luckily people at my work are fairly oblivious and no one seems to have noticed that my sick days have increased and I'm eating a lot of crackers...(and lemon cake).
Not long now till the cat is outtttta that bag...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


So I was off work for 2 days sick... mmm diarrhea...

so finally I'm back at work. Which works out, cause now it'll just be a 3 day week - I can deal with that. I promised myself I wouldn't write about work or work people lest I get fired (a la www.Dooce.com) but today - my first day back from the sickness.... a coworker - whom will remain nameless since I have no nice names for him... says to me "how are you feeling?" I say "ok" and he looks leery and steps back one step. I say "I'm not contagious" and he says "are you sure? because I don't have time for that."

I hate him. If there was any doubt before, I'm all clear now - yup, true hatred. I'll be coughing on his phone, and spitting on his keyboard as soon as he leaves his office.