I am a married woman in her 30s... how awful does that sound - ok, how about... I am a sarcastic 32 year old married woman with a bun in the oven. I have a fantastic dog who has an evil pet cat. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and have been doing major renovations since then.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Further bloodletting

15 weeks + 6 days

I've had 4 - count them, 4 blood tests now due to this whole baby thing. I hate needles. Have I mentioned that I really am NOT partial to needles? I have never given blood, or had a blood test before all this so it's A LOT to me. Ok so it turns out that it’s not so much the needles that bother me, it’s the geegle factor… the IDEA of a needle going into your vein…ewww. "Geegle" is a normal word in my family - it's when you have that yucky squirmy feeling about something gross. Or when you had a bug on your shoulder that was brushed off, but you are left with that geegle feeling - blech... the kind that give you those involuntary shudders after the fact. Went for yet another bloodletting yesterday. The lady was very nice, but man, that one hurt! I actually squirmed and may have said “uhhhh” Then I hurried home and couldn’t get rid of that geegle feeling – you know the one… I had to have a nap just to stop thinking about the needle in the vein… man, I am soooo not in any danger of being an intravenous drug user. Also I had to pee in a cup… midstream they say… ummhmmm, easier said than done it turns out… Not so good with the aim…then you are to put this peed-on cup in a cupboard for them to retrieve through a door to the same cupboard on the other side. First I peed all over my hand and the side of the cup… nice. Luckily, this time though I managed to avoid the label part so hopefully they won’t know that the whole cup is pee riddled, inside and out. Wiped that baby off, and then was about to put it in the cupboard and thought… hmm- what if someone is taking cups out on the other side while I put mine in.. and we look at each other in that awkward “ hello clinic technician” and she has the look of “you have your pants around your ankles and you’re putting a peed on cup in a cupboard with your peed on hand”.. I put the cup on the toilet holder top while I washed my hands and pulled up my pants. Put the cup in the cupboard and then had to wash my hands again now that I’ve touched the peed on cup – AGAIN. Let’s not get started about the knob of that cupboard…ew – how often is that disinfected? Did I mention there was no paper towels in the bathroom – in a MEDICAL CLINIC bathroom… ewwwwwwww. Had to actually touch the door knob with my bare (semi-cleaned) hand on the way out…and I say again – EW.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Soccer mum

14 weeks + 5 days

Yes, it's official, I am well on my way to being a soccer mum (although for your non-Scots out there that would be soccer mom). Last night J brought home the new vehicle. We were down to one car for the past nearly 3 years after J's car died. It has worked out ok but when I'm on mat leave I'm going to want to have the option of getting out of the house and driving somewhere and thus I'll need a car. J will drive my car to work as it's a 2 door and I'll take the new 4 door vehicle - which will be easier to get the baby in and out without crashing it's head into the ceiling every time. Since we are going down to one (and a half at best) income, and are still renovating, we don't have cash floating about and don't want to be deeply in dept for a new vehicle. The Subaru Forester and the Honda CRV are a bit pricey and then J's brother called with a "great deal".... dun, dun, dunnnnn. Foreboding, no? Sweet jesus, we now have a MINI-VAN....... I never thought in a million years I would drive a mini-van, but here we are. Oh the twists and turns that life gives us... It's a 2001 Chevy Venture with only 52,552 km on it and we got it for DIRT CHEAP. Seriously, we'll have this thing paid off by about June. So the cheap Scot in me comes out and I realize that it's a deal we can't really pass up - mostly just due to the fact that we'll have 2 vehicles paid off by this summer, and frankly the dog will love the extra room (secretly, so will I)... The van was leased by J's brother's company and the lease was up so we just had to pay the buy out price and it's ours. The company is a cement company and the accountant drove this van so really, how much damage can an accountant have done to a van? Ok, I'll give you that there are coffee stains on the floor near the driver's seat - but really the entire back of the van has clearly never been sat it. This weekend we are going to wash our vehicles and I'll see if I can scrub out those coffee stains. Then we are pretty much ready for camping and road tripping -with 5 of our closest friends!

My first birthing advice

So today I'm 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant and last weekend I was given my first piece of birthing advice. Not so much welcome advice either. I was at a dinner for "Larry" - my girl friend who is getting married in a couple of weeks. So there was a woman there that she used to work with and that woman brought a friend... this woman's friend is the one who gave me advice. That woman is officially 3 friendships away from knowing me. I've known this woman for about -oh say an hour and a half. And she was on the other side of the table and I'm still a bit unclear as to what her name is (so not exactly a "close" friend to me...) Of course there was talk that I was prego, due to the lack of drinking and me bailing on the tequila fest that was to come later. As we were leaving she asked where I plan on giving birth... I wondered if she was a militant homebirther or something (she has 2 kids apparently), but no she gave birth in a hospital both times. Then as she was leaving she said (out of nowhere), you should go without drugs, I DID! BOTH TIMES! Then she left me with a "you can do it". I'm not saying I will or won't but it was odd to get this sort of very strong advice from someone I don't even know. I expect that there is more to come of unsolicited advice.

Also, yesterday at work I was talking to a friend and another girl came in and basically interrupted our conversation. We politely included her. I was talking about how I was preparing to reach out and touch the belly of anyone who tried to touch mine. Just to make them awkward. This girl said that she loves to touch prego bellies but that she'll ask first - but then she went on to demonstrate her asking technique which was basically... "can I touch? Oh I have to touch your belly" - as the hand is already an inch from the belly. Hmmm. I said, "No way".... and was very clear that I do not plan on accepting any "offers" to touch my belly as I am not a touchy feely type of person - I hug only very close friends, and don't go for massages as I don't like people touching me - except for my husband. I HATE those little shoulder massages that some people do at random...DON'T TOUCH ME please. I think I made it pretty clear about my stance on that. This girl, surprisingly said that when I got big she was still going to touch my belly to see if she could feel the baby kicking!!! I said that I'd be reaching out for a full out boob grab to her if she tried to touch me. Surprisingly, she was ok with that and it was left at that. Dear god, I'm going to be fondling a co-worker within about two months.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tell no one... and you won't be disappointed

13 weeks + 5 days

I am surprised, frankly, by the odd way people react to hearing one is pregnant. Now I always knew people are ignorant fucks, but really people, sometimes you still surprise me. I told a few select people that I am pregnant. And for the record, these are people that I sort of like, and consider having a semblance of social skills... Every person (except one - sweet, sweet Jay), EVERY person who already has a kid or two felt the need to tell me some sort of "wait till..." story. None of which I wanted to hear. What's up with these people? I get a "congratulations" and then they immediately launch into the "oh, wait till you're huge in the summer, you'll be sooooooooo hot"... "wait till you get the heartburn"... "wait till you have to deal with all the billions of shitty diapers every day"... and my personal favorite "you'd better sleep now, because you'll never sleep again!". Seriously, THESE are the first things these parents seem to feel the need to tell me. Um, GREAT, I can't wait, because I hate sleeping now anyway, and I just LOVE the smell of crappy diapers, and being hot, and having burning heartburn on a regular basis... CAN'T WAIT. Thanks - really, thanks all of you for your support. And to think, I was a bit apprehensive about this whole thing...