I am a married woman in her 30s... how awful does that sound - ok, how about... I am a sarcastic 32 year old married woman with a bun in the oven. I have a fantastic dog who has an evil pet cat. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and have been doing major renovations since then.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Baby names and strollers and stuff

20 weeks today

Here is my short list of baby names - although I still add to it...
and of course - Clint


OK, really those are just frankly the worst names I could come up with (FOR ME... - not that those names aren't nice on other people's babies)... I plan on letting them slip to my sister though - just cause she is so hoity toity and feels the need to tell you exactly why you can't name your kid that... or that... or that...
We are keeping the real names that may be the baby's future name private until it's out. (at least J better be keeping his mouth shut about it...) I don't want other people's opinion to influence my kid's name so I'll just wait and tell them once it's poor form for them to tell me what a terrible name it is. That'll be better.

I'm so excited because today I bought a stroller - well, ok, 2 strollers from a guy at work for cheap! I got a regular stroller and a snap and go stroller (that one is just a bare shell of a stroller that you place the carseat in to make it into a real stroller - and is very compact when it folds). I'm so pleased - now the only thing left to buy is a car seat. That's IT - just a car seat - oh, and of course the bottles, and the diapers and all the other stuff that goes along with kids... but that's the last of the big ticket items (which we got most of from J's brother -so that was free!). Now I can (and should) put the renovations as a priority and darn well get that bathroom finished before September comes around...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alien baby

19 weeks + 5 days

I think I felt it today... The alien is moving! I've been concentrating at night waiting... waiting... waiting to feel something. Seems a bit late to me... in my 20th week and still nothing. Finally today I was sitting at my computer at work and suddenly something rolled over in my lower abdomen... and that was no gas... you know how I know that? -Cause I've had gas... I know gas... and frankly, when my tummy gurgles now, it gurgles ABOVE my belly button - that is where my stomach is now... creepy hey? This was a rolling feeling - an uncontrolled movement. I've been waiting for the "flutter" that everyone talks about, but no, this was a roll, a turning of an independantly moving entity. And that's just creepy.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Things that go boom in the night...

19 weeks today

We have out of town guests. They are a couple that are nearly my aunt and uncle only they are not actually related to me. Our family has Christmas dinner with them every year - and another family, since we all moved to a small town with no relatives nearby, we made our own. So they are a nice couple but small townies. The wife won't drive in the "big city" and they comment on the beggars and the drug addicts that they see downtown. Just to give you a feel for them. They are staying with us for about 3 days and last night was their first night with us. After we went to bed... there was a giant boooooom at around 3am. I was mad to be awoken but had no idea what the noise was. J and I listened but no further noises happened so I got up to pee and checked the living room etc and all seemed well inside the house so I went back to bed. This morning when we left for work we realized what the boom was. The sporty mercedes across the street had a giant bullet hole in the door! This car is owned by the guy across the street whom the neighbours suspect is a drug dealer. He's a nice enough guy - but there used to be a lot of expensive cars that stop for just 5 minutes and drive away again. He's been fixing up his house in order to sell it as his girlfriend and he are getting married and plan on having children soon... I could see why he wouldn't want to live in our neighbourhood with kids... what with the gunshots in the night... We now hope he hurries up and sells his house so we can try to minimize the gunplay in the 'hood.

Why does this sort of thing have to happen when you have small town guests visiting?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today fat chick - tomorrow pregnant lady

18 weeks + 5 days

OK so today is the last day that I am just a regular person in a big sweatshirt... tomorrow I become an obvious pregnant lady. Well I'm sure J would balk at the word "lady".. but I digress.

Every morning it's a huge nightmare to figure out what I might wear to work. Today was particularly bad. The weather has suddenly (and finally) turned nice here in Vancouver, and it's to be nice all week. Even up to 21 degrees!!! I had earlier bought some pants - those shorty pants that are so comfy - not capri pants - cause I have a normal sized ass - and they look terrible on anyone who is not a stick figure with long legs - but those more relaxed looking shorty pants. So I bought a couple of pairs of those. One I bought in a size 2 sizes too large and the other a bit big in elastic stretchy jean material. I mistakenly thought I could wear these all summer and well into my pregnancy... due to the low waist and the stretch factor. Ya, well how wrong I was. I tried on the shorty pants -low riders that are 2 sizes too big and (granted they were just fresh from the dryer - their first washing ever) and .... ya, no, fatass, not a hope. Then I tried on an old pair of shorty pants that I looooove - um, couldn't get those ones done up. So I thought I'd wear the stretchy jean number... this will likely be the very last day I wear these babies - they are currently stretched to the max, and the buttons are undone. Ya, comfy. I thought they'd last all summer?! - clearly delusional. I realize now that I have gone from fat girl look to allll belly - in a matter of say - oh 3 days. T-shirts even make me look very pregnant. And now the weather is right to shed my sweatshirts and embrace the pregnant look. I know I have to at some point and although I am excited to be pregnant (I do love the pregnant lady look - ON OTHERS), I'm having a hard time actually wearing clothes that show off the belly. It's a strange hurdle to get over in this thin thin world - to wear tighter clothes (OK, mostly just not super baggy kangaroo hoodies) and feel confident about going out in them. Who cares if people think I'm just fat? What's so wrong with that - there are worse things than being fat - not that the tabloids would think so. So tomorrow I brave the world as a pregnant lady. I vow to wear something that enhances the look of my big belly and get to be a tiny bit stylish in the process. I will endure the whispers as the work people that I haven't told find out (or at least question if I am or not) and then by next week hopefully everyone will be over the news and we'll move on from there. Here's hoping... Next up -the first punch to the throat to the person who decides to try to touch my belly.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Flashback from the 50s

18 weeks today

J's mum is the nicest woman, she really is. She means well. It's just that she's, well, 80. I got a package in the mail yesterday from her and it was patterns that she found for pregnant ladies. She thought I could use them to make some clothes for myself. She even said that if she lived closer she would have made them for me... well can I just say -whew, it's a good thing they don't live closer, or this would be more awkward. They are McCalls patterns from probably the 50s (when she was pregnant) - I suppose it could have been from 1968 when she was pregnant with J, but somehow the patterns looked more 50s than 60s so I'm guessing it was from her first kids. There are patterns for 2 shirts and one skirt. The shirts are huge tent-like draped outfits with gathers under the boobs and those giant wide sailor collars. And the skirt... a tweed fitted number with darts all over the belly part. Frankly, just not my style.

I love that woman, but I just can't bring myself to entertain the notion of making (or wearing) one of these outfits. I have just emailed to thank her very much for the patterns (she's so down with the times that she has email - isnt' that great?), and I just left it at that - I didn't say I'd make them, or wear them, just thank you for thinking of me. It's best that way.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fetus is still alive

17 weeks + 5 days

Ok, whew so after I've felt nothing for a week and even felt thinner I was getting nervous, but we went to the dr. yesterday and heart the heartbeat - 144bpm. We got our paperwork for the ultrasound but apparently the u/s techs aren't supposed to tell you the sex of the baby. My dr. suggested we wait until the 21st week and they might be more apt to tell us - I guess because you are getting closer to not being able to abort if it was not the sex you wanted - although frankly, that is just barbaric... So we wait until the first week of May to get the u/s done.

On the weekend a lot happened. We visited friends (and their 2 kids) who were in from out of town. They stayed with other friends who have 2 kids the same age or so (3 and about 10 months) so we went there for dinner. Frankly it was completely overwhelming and both of the mothers did not eat dinner with us due to tending to the kids - feeding/bedtime etc, and had to microwave some food later. Hmmm. There was lots of crying fits, testing boundaries, demands, spitting, etc... and even some good things - like the baby did sleep most of the time - or was quietly awake. When we left I felt horrified - and all I could think was - we should have waited another year - at least. The big encouragement J gave me was that they start out small. Great, small AND screaming... went to bed exhausted by it all.

Then Sunday we went to J's brother's place to collect all the baby stuff they had saved in their basement over the past 10 years for J I suppose. J's sister-in-law tried to lift my shirt to see my belly - I nearly punched her in the throat. I politely and firmly told her there was NOTHING TO SEE and held my shirt down. I am not SideShowBob for christsakes! She eventually took the not so subtle hint when she asked me again to show her my belly and I just said "NO". But that was the worst of it as I have finally FINALLY realized that my total and complete hatred for her must start with me changing, not her. It was a total epiphany. I loathe going over there as she is soooo annoying, but this time I just shut up. She still spouted off all her "advice" and insistance of what I "need" to do, and how I should deal with my impending baby - but this time I just sat there like a bump on a log. It was mostly at dinner and I just looked out the window. I didn't contradict her and tell her that no I would do things my own way...nope, I just sat there, umhmmm-ing now and again. Mostly I said nothing and it worked! I just thought "what an idiot" and it made me happy, and somehow I had no more stress of having to deal with her - because she's an idiot. I don't have to prove her wrong anymore or tell her there is anther way to do things because I won't entertain the notion that she'll even listen - so now I let other people carry the conversation and I don't care about the silences. It was totally the way to go. Amazing that I couldn't let it all roll off my back before, but now I feel that I can. I can go back there for dinner and listen to her self-rightous i'm-so-smart talk and just NOT CARE - enlightening really. Now I finally see how J has done it all these years. After visits I would be soooo riled up on the way home and vent and he'd just say "oh, I didn't really notice"... I too will not notice from now on. Nor will I care that I don't. They gave us everything we'll ever need and more for the baby so it was great that way. I ended up taking about 4 times the stuff that I really wanted but it was easier that way. I am going to just ditch it at the salvation army once I sort it all out. Best of all worlds really - we get only the stuff we want, they get to empty their basement and feel like they gave us all their useful stuff. I did manage to decline all the crocheted sweaters, booties and (shudder) bonnets, and all the stuffed toys, and plastic crap so that was a small victory. Soon we'll pair down to the stuff we really just wanted from them - the crib, the change table, the high chair and a few other extras... I also did a bit of lying telling her that I was getting one of those from a friend etc etc... mostly I don't want that giant old bouncy chair when I could get a small nice padded compact vibrating chair second hand for $20... which I will do. So everybody wins. I sure wish I'd known how to deal with her earlier - my wedding could have been virtually stress free...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Congratulations Larry!!!

Today is the day my friend Lar gets married. Hopefully the weather in The Domincan Republic is super duper today and they are having a great day. The wedding is supposed to start at 2pm so I expect that she is starting to stress about the dress etc all right about now. Only 2 1/2 hours to go...

Way to go Larry, you picked a good one! I hope today is all you hoped it would be.

Friday, April 01, 2005

What they say is true...

16 weeks +1 day

I get these weekly emails from those pregnancy sites that tell you how big the fetus is now - generally in relation to fruit... I've had a lime, a lemon, and now an avocado. So they also tell you things that are likely to occur this week and how your body is changing. Well there was something in there about how some women will have more mucus etc and so may have a stuffed up nose etc. I thought "whew, at least I'm doing pretty well". They also said something about leg cramps. "Um hmmm," I thought "whew, at least I don't have those"... Well hello pregnancy...overnight it's become painfully obvious that yes, I AM pregnant and I do have those symptoms. Stuffy nose, couldn't breathe well, and thus couldn't sleep well. Lots of tossing and turning -before an after my nightly 3 am trek to the bathroom. Then sometime after 3 I guess I must have stretched my legs during a turn over and wham.... calf cramp. Oh the brutal pain of it all. I lay there clutching my leg, panting. So painful I couldn't even massage my leg. AND I'm hydrated. I sure hope that I get some proper sleep this weekend or I'm going to be uber cranky for the foreseeable future. Luckily, J told me to wake him up if a leg cramp happens again and he'd massage it. Hopefully it wont' come to that. I'll keep my legs - er, fingers crossed...