I am a married woman in her 30s... how awful does that sound - ok, how about... I am a sarcastic 32 year old married woman with a bun in the oven. I have a fantastic dog who has an evil pet cat. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and have been doing major renovations since then.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Smurf down, we've a smurf down!

33 weeks + 3 days

So my dog often will bring "inside toys" outside. This always irks me as she never brings them back in and inevitably they get left out and it rains on them. If I catch her running out of the house with one, I tell her "no, that's an INSIDE bear"... and she knows she's not allowed to bring it out - and she'll drop it on the deck. If the inside bear makes it out onto the lawn it's pretty difficult to get her to bring it back inside.

Here is the latest casualty...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

33 weeks today

33 weeks.

So today I am only 7 weeks away from having this baby (give or take a couple of weeks). The good part is that the lungs apparently are developing nicely so he would likely not be too badly off if he was born sooner than later - although we do want him to bake for at least 4 more weeks.

I made a website for family yesterday - one that's more generic, more wholesome and frankly, more boring. I can hardly just give them all the link to this one! J's parents and sister are in Ontario so they don't get the day to day stuff that I email my parents (who are also far away), so I thought I should get something going so that they can feel involved. Also J's parents' computer is not the best - nor are they particularly computer savvy so this will be easier for them to just click a link (they didn't know how to open pictures I sent them).

At first J had some reservations about the site as he doesn't want any work people to be able to find out about his home life via the internet. I tried to make the site non-searchable and tried to google it after - and couldn't find it so I think it's a long shot that someone finds it. He won't be telling anyone about it I'm sure. I've already sent the link to J's parents, my parents and our sisters (ok and a couple of my friends - none that would mingle with his friends though). After I showed him the site he said "how often are you going to update it though?" I said "Often. I update my other site nearly every day"... which I'm sure surprised him as he's never seen this one - but he does know about it. Surprisingly, he said "can I update on Tuesdays then?". How exciting -he might actually get involved in that website. I told him the password and said to update as often as he likes. Hopefully he will.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lights... camera.... action!

32 weeks + 6 days

We did it... we did IT. I feel bad for J...as I've been less than interested in "action" for oh say....6 MONTHS!!! I know... it's not something people talk about. At the beginning of the pregnancy I felt sick - and ohhhh so tired - and he knew better than to bother me with questions of "action" when I was in bed by 7pm... Then when the sickness was gone and I hit the second trimester he got all excited saying that "this, apparently is when it's sex all the time"... UM, no.... oh wait... yup, still no. I've been feeling bad about it and on occasion will "pleasure him" if you will... but not so much with the action. I want to, but the drive really isn't there. Then I began feeling like my woo-hoo was open somehow. Like maybe I was a bit dialated or something. And of course I had read about people who have bleeding after or that it could induce labour. I was a bit worried about doing IT then. Well, finally.... my drive is sort of semi-back and I feel that it's probably all right if we actually have full out sex. So last night we did. Much to J's surprise really. And it was OK... whew. No pain (as I've heard it can be) and no bleeding, and no premature labour. Well, game on really, as there appears to be no real reason not to. We are using condoms (again wayyy too much info I'm sure) but I hear that it's the semen that can cause the premature labour, not the actual act. Once we hit 37 weeks we are ditching the condoms - HA, like I'll still be into it in 4 weeks - or one week for that matter. We'll see. Sorry to horrify those of you who know who I am. I hope you can wipe any horrible tormenting visuals from your minds that I may have caused due to this post.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My (ex) boyfriend's back....

32 weeks + 5 days prego

So the last time I heard from this ex-boyfriend was November 16th - I wrote about it... in case you've been following along for that long.

Today I get an email from him that says "How's things" in the subject line and that's it...and it was sent from a blackberry - how COOL he is. I happen to know that he knows that I'm prego as my friend told him way back and he said "I can't really imagine her as a mother". Whatever chachi. So today I was extreeeeemely to the point and said that I am 8 months prego as I'm sure he knows from XXXX. That was pretty much it. He kept asking questions and I answered them with as short a sentence as possible.

How are you feeling? Great.
Is it a boy or a girl, or don't you know? Boy
Do you have any names picked out? No names.

And I'm thinking that my sheer lack of chit chat will make him go away, but no.

THEN he says so is (his name here) an option? WHAT? Like I'd name my child after an ex-boyfriend... um NOOOO. My response: no.

He then says "That was to the point, doesn't even seem like there was a little bit of thought behind it!" I said: not really, it was a no-brainer.

Clearly now, I'm not really all loving him up and we should just stop emailing PLEASE.

After a couple more of his questions about if my parents are excited - (yes) he goes on to say that his wife "still has a wonky hip from our boy, its a good thing you ditched me when you had the chance!" What the hell is that? I chose to completely ignore that comment and said that pregnancy does strange things to people and pretty much left it at that. He emailed once more and I just deleted it. I'm done. I was done 7 years ago and then I was done AGAIN in November of last year and now I'm not even just done, I'm bordering on rude. He did say that he wants me to email him when the kid comes with the date and weight etc. WHY? I don't get it. Apparenlty he's having some sort of crisis at home or why would he email me to begin with. I'd prefer it if he just left me alone.

My friend Larry had the best quote for this... she said "why is he yummy fruiting you?" (meaning the buttering up - and through a blackberry to show he's cool). I LOVE that phrase. It's my new favorite - I plan on using it whenever people are trying to kiss someone's ass - why are you yummy fruiting them? Perfect....

5 more weeks of work (at the most)

32 weeks +5 days

Suddenly there is hardly any time left at all in this pregnancy. I feel a low grade panic. My body is getting bigger every day - it's noticeable to me! Sleeping has become a bit of a nightmare. Last night I woke up at 3:33am to go pee, then 4:33 (no kidding) to turn over and then 5:33 (weird hey?) to turn back over the other way. There is lots of oomph-ing when I have to move and every time I move my legs in the night I hear my hips click... yup, things are getting loosy goosy down there. I sure hope that's a good thing. The heartburn has started and I can't sit for long periods of time or I get too squished. The only comfy place is my bed - not even the couch - must lie on bed... I went to bed last night at 7:30 because that is the only place to be... I worried that I would fall asleep right away and be awake all night - but I talked to a friend on the phone until nearly 9 and then read and then it was an acceptable time to sleep. Worked out pretty well.

My work has been phaffing (faffing?) about regarding hiring my replacement. Finally we have interviewed the candidates and I believe that they might have picked one. The problem is that the girl goes on holiday from Aug. 8 - 22... Sooooo if I can get her 1/2 time next week (short week) then she goes on holiday after that for 2 weeks and then the week after that is basically my last week - assuming I make it that long. So basically I get exactly 2 full days in total to train this woman on my whole job - including the field I'm in - as she hasn't worked in this field. Arg. People keep telling me to not care and just walk away after training her for her 2 days, but I feel it might all turn to shit and I'll be blamed for not training well... So much for having someone hired and working while I clean up backlog and am available for questions for the last couple of weeks. Um, no. And if I'm already this tired and uncomforable after a day at work - imagine how I'll be in a month! I plan on working half days that last week and a half of August. That way I'll get to rest, but I'll also be around for questions. That could work.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Great weekend!

32 weeks +4 days

I had a fantastic weekend. J was away for the weekend and I had the house to myself. Sounds awful to say but I was really looking forward to a weekend of doing whatever I wanted all by myself. It's odd, because I'd do whatever I wanted on the weekend had J been home, but somehow this was better.
I cleaned a bit then garage saled a bit - finding a new heavy duty sewing machine that goes through denim like buttah... for only $8! I got 3 prego books or baby development books - all together for only $1.25, some work gloves for $1 each and some bbq tools still in the box for $3. I felt like I did well. I got dog food, dog pills, ear stuff for the dog, baby clothes for a friend who just had a baby, and some other gifts for another friend. I packaged up the gift for my friend in Alabama - a baby gift that is 3 months late and am waiting for J to sign the card for the other baby gift. I got lots of stuff on my list finished which made me feel a bit in control of what I have to do.

I was also going to organize all the baby crap, get my car fixed, get my car cleaned and also reinsured - none of which happened... the mechanic wasn't open, it was too hot to drive my car to the cleaner and who could be bothered to get it reinsured on a sunday.... plus I had some napping to take care of that day.

I've decided that I should at least think about packing my hospital bag. J scoffed at me but you never do know... and how pissed would I be to have to rush to the hospital without my toothbrush or god forbid... my slippers. Imagine the germs on the floor of those bathrooms.. arg. I might have to bring my flip flops instead of slippers - they would be disinfected more easily. I think the baby got bigger this weekend, I am more bunched (if even possible) and just seem to be that much more gigantic. It's a huge effort to turn over in bed now and I wait until my one side is really dead before I make the move. Oh, and the heartburn has begun... I'm loving those flavoured Tumms. Here's hoping it passes soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Shaken baby... my first attempt

32 weeks today.

Ok, so the heading sounds worse than it is. I'll tell you all an embarrassing secret - my baby and I have a ritual. Every morning when we drive in to work, he is usually moving around and then I yell out "Gooood-morning-bayyybieeee!!!!" like a lunatic - but we are alone in the car, so no harm done really. We this morning he was not awake. We skipped the ritual - well I said it quietly, but it didn't have the same ooomph. Then by 9 - still no movement (I get to work by 7:15). At 10:30 I started poking the belly and shoogling it. I did the noisy slaps on the belly to wake him up, and then there was the quick moving to try and wake him (all while trying not to alert any coworkers to the fact that I am clinically insane). Finally after harrassing the poor little guy for a while - and eating yoghurt and more water... he finally gave me a hefty boot to the ribs. I believe he is now officially pissed off. Good to know he has inherited my instant anger at being awakened unnecessarily. That's my boy.

Cardiology report

32 weeks today! Only 56 more days to go...

So I went last night to the cardiologist to get the news... J couldn't go so I went by myself. The Dr. was very nice and we joked around - I wasn't especially nervous as I really didn't expect any bad news. And, there wasn't any. Whew. Apparently I have had this arrhythmia my whole life - it's an extra thing on my atrium that gives out random beats completely independent of the regular heart beat. It comes and goes (which explains why I've felt fine for the past little while) and will cause me no trouble healthwise. The only risk is that if it is not diagnosed someone along the way will freak out about it in a crisis situation - like say.... when I'm in labour. Now they know and they can just ignore the extra beats.

Now I can tell my mum about actually having a problem... she's a bit of a worrier, so I never mentioned that whole pesky cardiologist thing...

By the way - guess what I did when I got home from that cardiologists? Yes indeedy - I had a chocolate bar - a whole bar... screw that caffeine crap I can have what I want again. Having that mint aero bar was as close to bliss as I've been in a while.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I had a dream...

31 weeks + 1 day

ONLY 6 1/2 weeks left until I leave work!!!! Just had to get that out there - woo-hoo.

But more to the point... I had a dream about Fetus last night. He was sooooo cute. Oh my god was he cute - and perfect, and tiny. He had a little round head - no hair and cute little eyes and he was so quiet all the time. We carried him around in a Baby Bjorn thing on the front and met people at some fair or something - and for some reason we also drove our FIRE TRUCK there. Yup, we had a huge red fire truck. Weird. Anyway, at the fair - while chatting and showing Fetus off to a bunch of women, he started to cry and so I said I'd be right back and rushed him off to change him or something. Suddenly I was at home and realized that I had forgotten to feed him all day - he was 2 days old and I had only fed him that one time in the hospital and then I forgot that babies need to eat. He hadn't cried until this point and that's what prompted me to think - OH my god - he's hungry! What a horrible mother - only 2 days in and already starving the kid. I woke up and you'd think I was all thinking -oh, I'll be a terrible mother... but nope, I was thinking - OH MY GOD, was he ever CUTE! I'm fickle that way.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Medulla Oblongatta

30 weeks +6 days

We met with our doula (the medulla oblongatta as my friend and I call her) last night. She is so great. We sat outside on the deck as the weather has finally turned nice enough to do so. We discussed a bunch of stuff - my fears, techniques for pain etc. I have total confidence in this woman and thus I feel she'll be a great asset to me and to J when I go into labour.

Last night when I went to bed I felt this weird ticking very low in my groin. Sort of like a heartbeat but more like a persistent knocking. I wondered what the hell the kid was doing in there - chipping his way out? Then I realized he had the hiccups. I had heard of this and apparently it's the baby practicing breathing - taking in amniotic fluid and "breathing" it back out - and it's common. I rushed downstairs to tell J that the baby has his first hiccups and J got to feel them - it was pretty cool. I had to read for a while to wait out the hiccups before trying to sleep. After a while hiccups can get annoying - even if they aren't your own. Just saying.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Had a tip-off this weekend...

30 weeks +4 days

So I was to go shopping in the States this weekend - just a quickie zip over the border to pick up some clothes and to have fun with my friend Larry - who was as excited as I to go shopping. She had a Victoria Secret gift certificate to use so we were on a mission. On Friday night I was all worried that the Braxton-Hicks would make it inadvisable to go for a day long shopping trip -out of the country - but whew by Saturday morning all was well so we prepared to go. Our husbands were playing hockey at 3:45 that day and we said we'd try to get back and go and watch the game - IF we were finished our shopping by then. We had a super time shopping up a storm. We both got some stuff on our lists and then we were done the mall and decided to drive a further 20 minutes to some outlet stores. We figured that with 20 min there and 20 min back and 20 minutes in the stores we still had time to make the hockey game... but then we hit Carter's Outlet store. Oh My God - what a great store! It was all baby stuff and it was everything under $10. Does it get any better??? I ask you. We spent a good long time in there and I got a plethora of exciting super cute outfits for Fetus - including a cute zebra shirt for only $2 and two other shirts for $1.50 each... honestly, it doesn't get any better than that. I got some of the most adorable snuggly little full outfits for winter jammies - can't wait till he can wear them. So by the time the shopping at Carters was half-way through we realized that nope, we wouldn't make the hockey game so we just abandoned the thought and shopped leisurely for the rest of the time. Then we drove home - charming the border guard so that we didn't have to pay any duty and felt like the big winners. We got to Larry's place and her husband was just arriving back from the video store - hockey had been over for about an hour. He oohed and aahed suitably over our purchases and I asked if J had been in a fight in hockey or anything I should know about. "Nope" he said. So I went on my merry way, happy as can be at my huge scores on the baby clothes. Got home and J was sitting on the front steps waiting for me. I got out of the car all excited with my bags ready to show him how much I had "saved"... He said that he had had a bad day... I thought - well really, hockey has only been over for an hour, how bad could it have been. Then he said he had had an accident... with the TABLE SAW. UM, pardon? I noticed his finger then... all bandaged up with gauze etc - I still sort of thought "well, if it's all bandaged nicely and he's back already and it's only been an hour since hockey - it can't be that bad" - right? Well, it turns out that it had happened at 1pm and he never made it to hockey at all and Larry's husband had been coached into lying for him until I got home. Which, really had been good, as I would have driven like a maniac to get home once I'd heard - and thank god we never did make the hockey game as I would have known something was wrong if J wasn't there at all. It happened like this -a piece of wood was caught between the fence and the blade and he went to flick it out and it got caught in the blade and spun it out and dragged J's finger with it. EW. It cut throught the end of his finger - up near the nail - down to the bone. Heave... Since our neighbour friends weren't home he drove himself to emerg and had a billion stitches put in to hold the tip of the finger on - again, HEAVE. In the past I have given J shit for using tea towels for stupid wood projects - like cleaning glue off of wood, or removing sawdust or sometimes for paint... I bought him rags for this after having a good few fights about how that is not what tea towels are for. Well one of the first things he admitted on the steps out front when I got home is that - he wrecked a tea towel. I bet he thought I'd be most mad about that. I will admit that my first thought was "which one?", but I managed to restrain myself and told him it didn't matter at all and that thank god he still had his fingers (mangled though they may turn out).

May I remind all of you to use the greatest of caution when using power tools - use the pusher sticks when getting close to the blades - and protective eyewear and all the safety gear you can find... As I always say - Safety First...

Braxton-Hicks times 10

30 weeks +4 days

OK so on Friday I told you how I had a couple of Braxton-Hicks at work... well pooh, that was nothing... By Friday at about 6:30 I was having them EVERY 5 MINUTES! I was getting a bit worried as I had heard that more than 4 in an hour is cause to call someone - usually a dr.... So I called the dr's line and it said to call the pager if you are in labour or it's an emergency. I hate that... I would have liked to think it was neither but was worried about making a big deal of it and paging someone. I called the doula - despite the fact that our first official get together isn't until Tuesday and we pay her then so technically it would be free advice right now. She told me that my uterus was probably spasming and to drink lots of water and walk around. I had 4 huge glasses of water and took the dog for a walk. I was to call her back if it didn't subside, but thankfully they got less and less and hardly any at all by bedtime. Whew. I love my doula.

Friday, July 08, 2005


30 weeks +1 day

So I believe that the Braxton-Hicks have started today. I might have felt one yesterday but today I'm pretty sure. I've had 3 today so far - my whole stomach gets super tight - it feels like when Fetus pokes his bum out at the top - only it's all over. Very weird sensation but it's exciting to know that my body is preparing for the delivery.

I have to say that I really LOVE being pregnant. It really is a wonderful feeling to be sort of big and feeling that squirmy pokey business going on inside you. As much as it annoys me when he is up late and won't let me get to sleep, I secretly love it. Every morning on the way to work - Fetus is usally moving on the drive in - I say out loud "good morning baby!". Just because that's the sort of freak I am. I can see why people get pregnant again and again... although ask me again after the birthing part...

Are you hyperventilating or are you just happy to see me?

30 weeks + 1 day

Well I went to the doctor on Tuesday - not my regular doctor as she is away for the month of July, but one of the other women in her clinic. It was a regular checkup - oh and I had to get the monkey bits injected... J always says - it's not monkey bits or monkey blood - it's monkey anti-bodies.... OHHHH, MONKEY ANTI-BODIES then... As I am RH- I had to have the Rhogam shot and apparently you get another dose right after the kid is out. Well I don't like needles - mostly the kind that stay IN your vein while they take blood - EWWW, but it turns out that a shot doesn't somehow seem as bad. Instead of getting it in the arm, I got a shot in the ass and let me tell you... THAT is the way to go. Really, baring my ass to the world is hardly the first time I've done that and sadly, won't probably be the last... and a shot in the ass is nowhere near as painful as getting one in the arm. My advice to you - if you can "take it in the ass"... do it - we are talking about needles here -ahem...

Then yesterday morning I was talking to a girl in the hallway at work when I suddenly felt woooozy and pretty much sat down on the floor in the hall until it passed. I went back to my desk and later on I had trouble breathing and felt like I could pass out. After a while it passed but it freaked me out so I eventually called my doctor's office and of course they wanted to see me. I went back to see the doctor I had seen just 2 short days ago and she cleared it all up for me.... due to the baby squashing my diaphragm and lungs there is less capacity in there at the moment, and thus I have a tendency to breathe shallowly. Then when I feel a bit like I'm not getting enough air - I breathe deeply but quickly, exhaling all my CO2 and making me light headed. So apparently every two hours or so I have to concentrate on my breathing and to breathe from my belly (diaphragm really) and not from the lungs... I have to intake breath for the count of 4, hold it for the count of 4, then exhale for the count of 8. Also I am to resist the urge to yawn or sigh - which is difficult I tell you. But at least she solved my problem and I feel better about going there and wasting her time. She also had a quick look at my heart monitor results and said they were likely no big deal so I feel better all around.

Went to aquasize last night for the first time in about a month in my new old-fat-lady bathing suit and frankly, my arm hurts today and I hardly worked hard at all! I suppose I should be going more often to prevent that.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Back from holiday

29 weeks + 5 days

Well I'm back from my vacation....sadly. It was good to chill out at my parents' place and do very little. My mum was home from the hospital and is doing a bit better so we played a lot of cards and loafed around and ate exorbitant amounts of food. Just the way a holiday should be. Got some swimming in the lake in and had to buy a bigger bathing suit as I was frightening the neighbours with my white whale of a stomach sticking out under my two piece... I'm officially gigantic now. Oh, and the stretch marks have begun - the excitement of it all. My belly button is threatening now... it now pokes out a little bit now and again which looks fantastic under a t-shirt... NOT.

I got news from my dr. while I was away. She left a message on my answering machine saying that I had a LOT of skipped beats or arrythmias or something. She is comfortable with up to 3000 per day, but I had 4400 so she is sending me to a cardiologist. Unfortunately she is away for July so I won't get to see her till August. I have to go today to get monkey antibodies injected into me... oh the joy... I don't feel good about becoming part monkey, but what are you going to do when you are RH-? When I'm at the doc's office I hopefully will find out more about the cardiologist and what to expect.

On a brighter note, I did receive my appology letter yesterday from the evil clinic that took off the Holter monitor - after J went to the complaints people there - so I feel pretty good about that. I can only hope my Holter monitor days are over and that the cardiologist can just look at the readouts and tell me more than my dr. can. Who knows? One thing is for certain - I will NOT be going back to that evil woman who dealt with the first one. I'll go to the inconvenient one that is miles from my work that has no parking and I'll find meter parking blocks away and still be happier. I do get short of breath now and again and I read that it could have to do with the arrythmia so I suppose I should mention that - oh and the lightheadedness, I guess they'll also want to know about that... doesn't sound that good really.