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Thursday, July 28, 2005

33 weeks today

33 weeks.

So today I am only 7 weeks away from having this baby (give or take a couple of weeks). The good part is that the lungs apparently are developing nicely so he would likely not be too badly off if he was born sooner than later - although we do want him to bake for at least 4 more weeks.

I made a website for family yesterday - one that's more generic, more wholesome and frankly, more boring. I can hardly just give them all the link to this one! J's parents and sister are in Ontario so they don't get the day to day stuff that I email my parents (who are also far away), so I thought I should get something going so that they can feel involved. Also J's parents' computer is not the best - nor are they particularly computer savvy so this will be easier for them to just click a link (they didn't know how to open pictures I sent them).

At first J had some reservations about the site as he doesn't want any work people to be able to find out about his home life via the internet. I tried to make the site non-searchable and tried to google it after - and couldn't find it so I think it's a long shot that someone finds it. He won't be telling anyone about it I'm sure. I've already sent the link to J's parents, my parents and our sisters (ok and a couple of my friends - none that would mingle with his friends though). After I showed him the site he said "how often are you going to update it though?" I said "Often. I update my other site nearly every day"... which I'm sure surprised him as he's never seen this one - but he does know about it. Surprisingly, he said "can I update on Tuesdays then?". How exciting -he might actually get involved in that website. I told him the password and said to update as often as he likes. Hopefully he will.


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