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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cardiology report

32 weeks today! Only 56 more days to go...

So I went last night to the cardiologist to get the news... J couldn't go so I went by myself. The Dr. was very nice and we joked around - I wasn't especially nervous as I really didn't expect any bad news. And, there wasn't any. Whew. Apparently I have had this arrhythmia my whole life - it's an extra thing on my atrium that gives out random beats completely independent of the regular heart beat. It comes and goes (which explains why I've felt fine for the past little while) and will cause me no trouble healthwise. The only risk is that if it is not diagnosed someone along the way will freak out about it in a crisis situation - like say.... when I'm in labour. Now they know and they can just ignore the extra beats.

Now I can tell my mum about actually having a problem... she's a bit of a worrier, so I never mentioned that whole pesky cardiologist thing...

By the way - guess what I did when I got home from that cardiologists? Yes indeedy - I had a chocolate bar - a whole bar... screw that caffeine crap I can have what I want again. Having that mint aero bar was as close to bliss as I've been in a while.


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