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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My (ex) boyfriend's back....

32 weeks + 5 days prego

So the last time I heard from this ex-boyfriend was November 16th - I wrote about it... in case you've been following along for that long.

Today I get an email from him that says "How's things" in the subject line and that's it...and it was sent from a blackberry - how COOL he is. I happen to know that he knows that I'm prego as my friend told him way back and he said "I can't really imagine her as a mother". Whatever chachi. So today I was extreeeeemely to the point and said that I am 8 months prego as I'm sure he knows from XXXX. That was pretty much it. He kept asking questions and I answered them with as short a sentence as possible.

How are you feeling? Great.
Is it a boy or a girl, or don't you know? Boy
Do you have any names picked out? No names.

And I'm thinking that my sheer lack of chit chat will make him go away, but no.

THEN he says so is (his name here) an option? WHAT? Like I'd name my child after an ex-boyfriend... um NOOOO. My response: no.

He then says "That was to the point, doesn't even seem like there was a little bit of thought behind it!" I said: not really, it was a no-brainer.

Clearly now, I'm not really all loving him up and we should just stop emailing PLEASE.

After a couple more of his questions about if my parents are excited - (yes) he goes on to say that his wife "still has a wonky hip from our boy, its a good thing you ditched me when you had the chance!" What the hell is that? I chose to completely ignore that comment and said that pregnancy does strange things to people and pretty much left it at that. He emailed once more and I just deleted it. I'm done. I was done 7 years ago and then I was done AGAIN in November of last year and now I'm not even just done, I'm bordering on rude. He did say that he wants me to email him when the kid comes with the date and weight etc. WHY? I don't get it. Apparenlty he's having some sort of crisis at home or why would he email me to begin with. I'd prefer it if he just left me alone.

My friend Larry had the best quote for this... she said "why is he yummy fruiting you?" (meaning the buttering up - and through a blackberry to show he's cool). I LOVE that phrase. It's my new favorite - I plan on using it whenever people are trying to kiss someone's ass - why are you yummy fruiting them? Perfect....


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