I am a married woman in her 30s... how awful does that sound - ok, how about... I am a sarcastic 32 year old married woman with a bun in the oven. I have a fantastic dog who has an evil pet cat. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and have been doing major renovations since then.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Shaken baby... my first attempt

32 weeks today.

Ok, so the heading sounds worse than it is. I'll tell you all an embarrassing secret - my baby and I have a ritual. Every morning when we drive in to work, he is usually moving around and then I yell out "Gooood-morning-bayyybieeee!!!!" like a lunatic - but we are alone in the car, so no harm done really. We this morning he was not awake. We skipped the ritual - well I said it quietly, but it didn't have the same ooomph. Then by 9 - still no movement (I get to work by 7:15). At 10:30 I started poking the belly and shoogling it. I did the noisy slaps on the belly to wake him up, and then there was the quick moving to try and wake him (all while trying not to alert any coworkers to the fact that I am clinically insane). Finally after harrassing the poor little guy for a while - and eating yoghurt and more water... he finally gave me a hefty boot to the ribs. I believe he is now officially pissed off. Good to know he has inherited my instant anger at being awakened unnecessarily. That's my boy.


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