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Friday, August 19, 2005

Last full day of work

36 weeks + 1 day

There is a full moon tonight... here's hoping I don't go into labour early and wait for the next full moon...

So today is the last full day of work for me for A YEAR!!! Next week I am working half days to ensure the new chick is up to speed. At first I was pretty excited about nearly being finished work - and don't get me wrong, I still am... but now... I've realized that it means I am THAT much closer to actually having to give birth and then deal with the kid afterward. Hmmm... not sure I'm ready for that yet.

Suddenly the thought of childbirth is pretty frightening. I do go in waves - one day I'll think - I CAN DO IT... and then the next day it's like - Holy Shit, sometimes a big poo hurts and I can't do that times about 100 - out of my woo-hoo. I'm not looking forward to that "ripped in half" feeling that women who have gone through it take great pleasure in telling me about.

We do have a great doula and I'm just hoping that with her and J's help I can get through it as tolerably as possible. It does seem imminent now.

I am trying to get some things to do after I leave work so I'm not just waiting for the first contraction. I plan on reading the new Harry Potter book, watching a few seasons of 6 Feet Under, cleaning the house, tidying the baby's side of our bedroom (currently filled with baby stuff in bags and boxes), making diapers, napping, baking maybe?, freezing some food, and getting a haircut. I'm going to start with the haircut.

Also this weekend I think J wants to stain the deck - if we don't get to it, or get it finished I thought I might do that next week in the afternoons that I have off. That would be productive. We also have to stain part of the fence, and varnish a different part so there is plenty to do before the end of this summer (and the baby arrives).

I might just loaf... we'll see how it goes. I might buy a plastic pool for our backyard and just lie whale-like in it all day (if the weather stays this hot)... it's always an option.

I think I might be a bit bored and go a bit stir-crazy by myself all day - I think I'll miss some of the people at work (none of whom I actually work with though)... Who will I talk to? J is going to get some sort of grilling every time he comes home "how was your day?, what happened? who did you talk to? how are they all? what are your plans for this evening?" oh I fear I'll be relentless and he'll just be tired from working all day. I'll try to keep that to a minimum.

Lots of fears, so little time...


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