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Friday, August 05, 2005


34 weeks +1 day

Arg... OK so I can't remember if I've mentioned that J's parents have been goaded into coming to visit US (by his sister-in-law - aka EW (evil whoor)) in October. I do not want them to visit at the beginning of October as I may have a brand new baby that we are trying to work out - especially if I don't deliver right on the due date (Sept. 15th) and go late. Also we have one spare room and my mum will be coming down as soon as the baby is here to help us. So she will be staying in that room. J's parents are older - in their 80s - FANTASTIC people, but older so we have to dote on them - my mum is only in her late 50s and she plans on doing all our laundry, cooking and cleaning and leaving us to get to know the baby. PERFECT. So after talking to J - I told him that my mum will be here so if EW wants his parents to be here then so badly, THEY can house them. He agreed and said he told his brother that the parents would have to stay with them. Now, J's sister lives in the same town as his parents and she totally looks after them. She is working in October and can't come - she usually comes with them and gets them whatever they need and drives them around. I got an email from her this morning saying "I booked Mum and Dad's tickets - arriving on Friday September 30th - {J's brother} requested the earlier arrival so that they could go to the boys hockey game on the weekend, and returning on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (the 11th). Depending on timing, if your parents are still visiting they can stay at Pat's." Not only is J's brother and EW manipulating WHEN the parents come (early for THEIR kid's hockey game) - they still want them to stay with US!!! F**KIN HELL. AND they are now coming on Sept. 30 - not Oct. 3rd as originally planned. ARG. J doesn't have the sort of relationship with his parents - or his brother for that matter - to tell them off - or "suggest" that they come out just at christmas as they plan to do anyway so it looks like somehow I'm going to have to suck it up. I can already imagine the nightmare of my mother cooking for his parents while my mum sleeps in the basement on an air mattress or some nightmare like that. Meanwhile I'll be crying and fuming upstairs with a brand new baby I don't know what to do with.

J WAS planning on taking 3 weeks off to hang with the baby. NOW it depends on when the baby comes, how much time he'll take off - all due to his brother and EW. If the baby is born on the 15th he can still take off the 3 weeks - but if the kid is early... then he'll have to take only 2 weeks off and then wait till his folks come and take another week then to drive them back and forth from his brother's place every day (they live about a 30 min- 45 min drive away). THAT is really cutting into our baby time and really annoying me. I wish his brother and EW would BUTT OUT of our lives and just deal with their own. EW told me that we'd be so happy to have the parents help out because they were a big help to them when the twins were born - YA, LIKE 11 YEARS AGO when the parents were 70 - not 81!!! AND THERE WERE 2 BABIES - NOT 1. AND MY MUM IS COMING TO HELP. God I hate EW.


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