I am a married woman in her 30s... how awful does that sound - ok, how about... I am a sarcastic 32 year old married woman with a bun in the oven. I have a fantastic dog who has an evil pet cat. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and have been doing major renovations since then.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Get this "show" on the road...

39 weeks + 5 days

OK so last night I got up to pee at 4:30 (for the second time that night) and I just couldn't get back to sleep after that. I didn't want to get up and read or watch tv as it might prolong the whole awake thing. So I lay there thinking of what I should do today. Oddly I had this desire to organize the stuff laying about on the table and in the living room and was all gung ho to MOP THE FLOORS!!! What the hell is that about? Hello nesting? (Although, for the record, I hate that word nearly as much as I hate the phrase "bear down"). I was having a lot of braxton hicks as I lay there - more than usual and they were just more than they usually are - in intensity and frequency. I remember thinking that something could be happening. So after about an hour or so of lying there I eventually dozed off. I got up at about 7:15 and J was nearly ready for work. I asked him what his day looked like and he said lots of meetings, very busy. He was all spiffed out in his pinstriped suit so it looks like he has high powered meetings today. I told him I was having lots of braxton hicks last night - but that I didn't expect anything to happen today. He looked mildly alarmed and said that his cel phone was with him. I went to the bathroom and without getting toooo terribly in depth about it - I now know what the "bloody show" looks like. J was about to leave when I told him I had the "bloody show"... (sounds horrifying - really it's only pink tinged mucus). The poor kid looked stricken. I actually laughed and said "oh look how stressed I've just made you. It's ok, it's normal, and I'll just let the doula know". He left for work looking less than at ease. I, on the other hand, felt quite ok about the whole thing. I think it means that labour may actually start within 24 - 48 hours. I showered, walked the dog (during which there were more braxton hicks) and have had more "show" since then. I've cleaned the bathroom (in another mad nesting thing, I guess) and am now preparing to go out for lunch. J has already checked in once and the doula said to call her every couple of hours. The braxton hicks are a bit stronger but still not painful but I do somehow expect something to be happening by tonight. Scary thought. I have NOT called my mother as I don't want her getting into a panic - she said she'd call me tonight and there will be no getting out of telling her if I'm actually having labour pains by then. We'll play it by ear. I have cancelled going to aquasize tonight but still plan on going to my lunch with Larry -but let's be honest - I will be bringing some sort of sweater I can wrap around my waist if my water breaks while I'm out. Ye-ouch - that last braxton hick wasn't super pleasant... they had better hold off until I get my movies back to Blockbuster, fill the car with gas, get money from the machine, and have my lunch out. I should get dressed I guess. I'll keep you posted.

Sort of exciting really - who ever thought I'd get excited about the thought of passing a baby's head out my woo-hoo....

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hork a loogie

Ok, this could be the most disgusting post EVER. You've been warned. On Thursday I "passed" a gigantic ball of mucus... It was absolutely disgusting. We are talking a gelatinous mass -like a giant frog egg about the size of a large marble (not a regular sized marble - the BIG ones), ok, how about the size of a 25 cent gumball from those machines. THAT is what I was dealing with. I nearly heaved looking at the toilet paper while sitting on the toilet. J is lucky he was at work, or he might have been forced to look at it. I told my doctor about it - just as an aside - in the what's new this week portion of our visit and she laughed good and hard at my description of it. She said "what? and you didn't save it and bring it in for me to see?". EWWW. I guess lots of patients are alarmed by this sort of thing and actually bring these things in to get clarification on what it is. EWWW, another reason I would never want to be a doctor. Don't get me wrong - I too was alarmed by it - but it wasn't alltogether unexpected - um, hello mucus plug section. Hucka, hucka... These are the type of things that no one tells you about pregnancy - well let me be the first to say - this last few weeks have been an eye-opener as to what is coming out of my body. And frankly, I'm expecting worse yet to come. Don't worry, I'll be sure to tell you all about it too. I can tell that you are waiting with baited breath...

Phallic tomatoes

We have grown a great batch of tomatoes in the garden this year...

I sure do like the look of this one... Does it make you horny baby?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Not ready yet...

38 weeks +5 days

So I hear about those women who are so "done" with being pregnant and can't wait for the baby to come. I am not one of those women. I love being prego, and better yet, I LOVE not working and having very little to do in the day. I've managed to get most of the stuff done that I wanted to before the baby comes so if he did come now, technically we are ready (not mentally though). I have to pick up the car later today (it's getting cleaned so the dog hair will be out and J can drive it to work now, and I'll take the van). Oh, and I should make a hair appointment. Other than that, I would like to make some newborn diapers and also a japanese lamp - the boxy kind with the rice paper. I might start that on Thursday. Oh, I also wanted to rent and watch the 2nd and 3rd, and maybe 4th season of 6 Feet Under. OK, so I still have stuff I want to do - but it's all superficial - if it doens't happen, it's ok. I am enjoying telling grocery clerks or whoever asks when I'm due - that "anyday" it could happen. Just to make them worry that I might have my water break right here in your store and you'll have to clean that up - ewww. I had a lovely walk today after dropping off the car and I even picked up dinner ingredients - pork tenderloin - I KNOW - I'm getting all domestic. I was all gung ho about it earlier but as it gets closer to dinner time I'm not as enthusiastic about making dinner anymore, unfortunately. Ah well, suck it up lady.

Well I'm going to make a hair appointment for tomorrow. FYI - TV is shit in the daytime.

Other readers?

I just had a comment from someone I don't know! I can't really believe there are people out there that read this, that aren't the 3 people that I gave the site address to. Weird. Perhaps this will push me to update more often - because I know how annoying it is to follow a blog and have them leave you hanging for days (weeks) on end...

Saturday, September 03, 2005


So I spent thursday morning and then friday afternoon at the hospital. Not a fan. I especially hate the heart monitor for the baby - it's stressful when the beeping slows. I thought I was leaking fluid (which I thought was amniotic fluid) at a slow trickle for the past oh - 5 days on Thursday and my doula said it might be wise to go to the dr and see what they say. The dr's office said to go to the hospital and get checked out. J and I went there and waited for hours and then they wanted to do an internal swab and the GBS test (which I had previously declined)... After speaking to the dr and finding out that even if they did the internal exam and then finding out I WAS leaking fluid, they'd just send me home anyway - we declined the test and pretty much went home after 2 1/2 hours wasted there. I was told to go back and talk to the dr in the office. We went the next day (friday morning) and she was fabulous - she explained all the pros and cons and suggested we go back and have the test (an internal swab to see if my water had indeed broken) and consider the GBS IF that came back positive. Since my own dr. was on call at the hospital that day, we went back to get the test done. I've glossed over this whole fiasco as it was quite a stressful long and drawn out process over 2 days and I'm finished with thinking about it. In the end we found out that no, I am not leaking amniotic fluid - are you ready for this? - it's MUCUS... ewwww, likely some of the mucus plug which sort of disolves. Quite disgusting really - but at least I can go swimming again and also not worry about infection for the baby. I am cervix is not close to ready for the birth so I know that I have a few days at least. The only good part of this whole thing is that it makes me realize that I really have to finish packing my bag and that I do NOT want to go to the hospital a second before I really need to be there - they hook you up to a bunch of machines as a matter of course and then you are pretty much confined to a bed. I certainly do not want to labour that way and plan on staying home as long as possible.

I also have a bunch of things I want to get done before the baby comes and I'm just not ready for him yet. I need to get the car cleaned, pay some bills, get a haircut etc... so much to do and somehow suddenly it seems like so little time. J thinks that this is his last weekend before he's a father but I think it'll be at least 2 weeks - well I did but today the baby's been moving down and I've had a few lower pains that I didn't have before - so who knows... I still sort of think that it'll happen on the 18th - the full moon (3 days after my technical due date). We'll see what happens.

Still feeling really good, still fairly mobile and don't yet waddle. I am loving the quitting work part and not having anything that I HAVE to get done in a day. J is fabulous right now too - not saying anything if I tell him that all I've done all day is watched tv and napped. AND I love it when he tells me that I SHOULD go to Dairy Queen because clearly the baby wants a blizzard - he's the best sometimes.