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Saturday, September 03, 2005


So I spent thursday morning and then friday afternoon at the hospital. Not a fan. I especially hate the heart monitor for the baby - it's stressful when the beeping slows. I thought I was leaking fluid (which I thought was amniotic fluid) at a slow trickle for the past oh - 5 days on Thursday and my doula said it might be wise to go to the dr and see what they say. The dr's office said to go to the hospital and get checked out. J and I went there and waited for hours and then they wanted to do an internal swab and the GBS test (which I had previously declined)... After speaking to the dr and finding out that even if they did the internal exam and then finding out I WAS leaking fluid, they'd just send me home anyway - we declined the test and pretty much went home after 2 1/2 hours wasted there. I was told to go back and talk to the dr in the office. We went the next day (friday morning) and she was fabulous - she explained all the pros and cons and suggested we go back and have the test (an internal swab to see if my water had indeed broken) and consider the GBS IF that came back positive. Since my own dr. was on call at the hospital that day, we went back to get the test done. I've glossed over this whole fiasco as it was quite a stressful long and drawn out process over 2 days and I'm finished with thinking about it. In the end we found out that no, I am not leaking amniotic fluid - are you ready for this? - it's MUCUS... ewwww, likely some of the mucus plug which sort of disolves. Quite disgusting really - but at least I can go swimming again and also not worry about infection for the baby. I am cervix is not close to ready for the birth so I know that I have a few days at least. The only good part of this whole thing is that it makes me realize that I really have to finish packing my bag and that I do NOT want to go to the hospital a second before I really need to be there - they hook you up to a bunch of machines as a matter of course and then you are pretty much confined to a bed. I certainly do not want to labour that way and plan on staying home as long as possible.

I also have a bunch of things I want to get done before the baby comes and I'm just not ready for him yet. I need to get the car cleaned, pay some bills, get a haircut etc... so much to do and somehow suddenly it seems like so little time. J thinks that this is his last weekend before he's a father but I think it'll be at least 2 weeks - well I did but today the baby's been moving down and I've had a few lower pains that I didn't have before - so who knows... I still sort of think that it'll happen on the 18th - the full moon (3 days after my technical due date). We'll see what happens.

Still feeling really good, still fairly mobile and don't yet waddle. I am loving the quitting work part and not having anything that I HAVE to get done in a day. J is fabulous right now too - not saying anything if I tell him that all I've done all day is watched tv and napped. AND I love it when he tells me that I SHOULD go to Dairy Queen because clearly the baby wants a blizzard - he's the best sometimes.


Blogger Kristina said...

Ahh yes, leukorrhea! Many a woman has been confused between this and rupturing waters, for sure. A lot of pregnant women just start wearing a panti-liner (I recommend cloth) at the end because things are so... well... juicy. LOL

It sounds like you have some very caring care providers, how wonderful!

Happy birthing!

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