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Monday, October 17, 2005

The woo-hoo afterward

No one mentions anything about preparing for the pain of the woo-hoo AFTER the birth. I never thought about that at all.

Well, now I do...

I had a few stitches for some "minor" tearing. It felt pretty bad for "minor" tearing.
For the first week I used the spray bottle every time I had to pee - and Oh was I afraid to poo... Then I got a yeast infection -then I also got a hemorhoid (LOVELY)... So there was itch and pain and still the fear of pooing. Worse and worse.

It's been a month now and FINALLY I've managed to get rid of the yeast infection, but the hemmy is still there. And I am still deathly afraid to poo. Oh god does it hurt. Feels like you are splitting open your bum hole every time. I am using Tucks - some sort of wipes, but it doesn't seem to be making it go away. Any advice would be welcomed.


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